October 22nd, 2009


Well ...

I get so sick of finding myself back at "square one", but it looks like I'm there again. Two "plausible" things (where I'd been in contact with people) seem to have stalled into that "no response" zone (I call and am immediately into voice mail, every time ... I suspect that's a program operating ... I e-mail and don't hear back). Don't these people realize that a "gee, sorry, that's not going to work from our end" is better than stringing me along for weeks?

I've been meeting with (and doing some "on spec" projects for) a very odd fellow who has an odd little book and a lot of big plans. I'm not sure if I'm "grasping for straws" here, but he keeps bringing in people who appear competent, that are working with him, and if any one of his Big Plans pans out, this could turn into some actual income. I had him meet with my former boss today (who is developing a web broadcast thing for a suburban area), which could have dove-tailed with the broadcast side of what this other guy was planning, but the latter was late (he'd written down 11 instead of 10) and the former got a gut feeling of "RUN AWAY" and did. Oh well.

I'm trying to stay positive, trying to stay focused, trying to keep the abyss at bay, but it's hard, especially when most of the people I end up talking to have "THE SKY IS FALLING" stories to share with me.

I've got a phone conference with some folks that I did some "on spec" development work with a month or so back, and it seems their project is moving again, so I'm hoping there might be something there, and I have a major networking event to go to tonight, that I'm hoping will help get me hooked up with folks who might actually know of some jobs. Yesterday I went to a networking lunch, but nothing substantial came of it, aside from getting to know some folks a bit better, and meeting a couple of new ones.

Speaking of "jobs", got that sample blog post off to that gal who is doing the selecting for that Tribune job blog ... but haven't heard anything back yet. Drives me crazy.

I'm really really hoping that I'm going to run into some Agency person who's going to say "Hey, your skill set is exactly what we need!" and will pull me in ... I'd be available Monday morning, honest!

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