November 6th, 2009


Ah ... so frustrating ...

OK, so I sort of abuse my computer ... I will, at times, have as many as sixty tabs open in a couple of FireFox windows, and a dozen other programs running. I've recently been moving Twitter (yes, I still use the web version) over to Chrome, just so I can keep better track of it.

However, recently (and I don't have more than a couple of dozen tabs open today), Chrome has just been "giving up" on loading stuff. I'll click on a link in a Tweet and a tab will open and the spinny thing will spin, but after a while, I'll see this:

... and almost always for sites I know damn well are up. What's doubly aggravating about this is that when I go back to the tab and hit the "reload" button, the page pops right up! Now, if I was seeing this on one out of a dozen links, it would be irritating enough, but I'm seeing it like one in three times. Not happy. I also just read a thing which was benchmarking the browsers, and it said that Chrome was currently the fastest ... don't know what to think of that in terms of what I've been experiencing!

I suppose if this wasn't quite so declarative ... "DNS error - cannot find server" / "This link appears to be broken." ... for things that I know are working it wouldn't be so objectionable, but it's almost into a MicroSoft level of "it can't be US, so it must be YOU" haughtiness.

Anyway, this was bugging me enough that I'd figure I'd share.

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