November 7th, 2009


Got some ink ...

OK, so the P.R. guy can't help getting juiced over "getting some ink" ... and I'm in today's Tribune as part of a story about job seekers!

The gal who did the interview is Julie Wernau (@littlewern), who was the former blogger for The Job Stalker blog over on the Trib's Chicago Now site. I'd gotten connected with her on-line in following up on trying to be the new blogger for that "column" (so far no word on how that's going), so she knew where to get a hold of me when she needed an interviewee.

Needless to say, I'd have been MUCH happier had I been being interviewed BY the Tribune for one of the half-dozen or so jobs that I have resumes in for over there, but I guess I need to take "good news" where I can find it, and the piece certainly paints me in a positive light (I'm the example of the "overqualified" worker!). Maybe somebody will read that and say "Gee, this guy sounds like just what we're looking for!" ... would be nice.

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That article again ...

Gee ... I guess nobody bothered to click through to see the article ... at least nobody said anything. I decided to do a "cleaned up" graphic of this for my files ... maybe folks will take a look at this if it's right in their face (click for the full size):

Needless to say it's nice "getting ink", but I sure would prefer getting a job. Pretty depressed about this all tonight.

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