November 13th, 2009



Nothing like waking up to find a "we're going in a different direction" letter from a place where I'd had what I thought was a VERY positive phone interview with earlier in the week. Bummer.

Unlike last week where the whole interview was screwy from the start (if you recall, I assumed it had been generated via the networking efforts I'd made at the specific agency, but the person was actually following up on an application I'd made over the Web, and we were sort of "talking past each other" for 3/4th of the call), this one seemed very good from the get-go ... I had answers for everything they were asking, I had "intelligent questions" that showed that I'd done some research on the company, and the interviewer indicated that she'd be sending me along to the decision-makers. Now, not quite 3 days later, I'm hearing "sorry, Charlie", which is a bit of a "body blow".

I wonder what it takes to get a face-to-face interview? In my last job search I was a "finalist" for a couple of positions and actually got to sit down with all the top management (albeit losing out to candidates who had closer ties to the specific gigs) ... this time I can't even get in the room.

As I'd gotten a phone number to follow up with the gal who did the interview on Tuesday, I called to ask what had gone wrong, but got the HR "song and dance" about having a large pool of highly qualified candidates, yadda yadda yadda, and that they had to narrow it down, so got NO specific feedback.

Needless to say, I'm totally feeling "shot down" at this point, as within a week I've had two phone interviews, but ran into a brick wall in both cases. Things are feeling very grim at the moment.

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Well ...

Despite the job search sucking, there have been some good things happening.

For instance, today was "report card pick-up day" and BOTH of The Girls got straight A scores! That is sweet.

Since they were off today, we went to Dojo this afternoon rather than tomorrow (when Daughter #2 has a b-day party to go to), and went out for Thai at Rosded up in Lincoln Square for a celebratory dinner. The Girls love the potstickers there and we all like their Pad Thai. I ended up getting TomKaKai soup, which helped with my cold (one of the downsides of doing so many networking events).

Needless to say, I'm thrilled to have two smart babies!

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