December 7th, 2009


Author interviews and book reviews

Over the weekend I was "pondering" ways to further promote The Job Stalker blog, and perhaps other projects. Frankly, after my little bit of "feedback" over there, I'd been looking for ways to make it more "informative" and less "personal" (although, to be honest, my predecessor in that blogging role had not infrequently done posts that had nothing to do with the job search).

I am currently reading a "job search" book that I got from the "Early Reviewers" program over on LibraryThing, and my thoughts were drifting, as I read this, to how I was going to frame my review. From that point I meandered to other similar books I'd previously written about, and the lightbulb went off ... I'd use my reviews as "content" in The Job Stalker! I realized, however, that this would probably not be the best approach, as not only would the damn government want to check out how I'd gotten the books, and if I was making anything on them (the new FTC regulations are insane!), but the book review would be of somewhat limited appeal by itself.

Then the second light bulb went off ... I could do an e-mail interview with these various authors and use that as a context for linking out to the review. Fortunately, one of the authors is local, and I've had some on-going contact with him, and was able to cajole him into letting me e-mail him a list of questions this morning, and having him get back to me. I'm pretty pleased with the results, and hope I can repeat this with others (I've contacted the author of the current tome, but have not heard back from either him or his publisher). One would think that the magic words "Chicago Tribune" would make them eager to spew out a few hundred words of answers if it meant their book "getting some ink", but you never know.

In anticipation that this will be a recurring feature, I whipped up an "Author Interview" graphic that I can swap cover graphics into, so I'll have a "consistent look" for these. I kind of like having these for Mondays (well, some Mondays, I've not read all that many books on the subject!), and my list of links of Friday, giving me just 3 days in between to fill out with other stuff. Such a deal!

Anyway ... it's an interesting interview, so please do the clicky-clicky and pass along the link to anybody who'd be interested (or is just bored)!

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