December 11th, 2009


grrrr ...

Wish I could figure out what's causing Vista to crash.

For the past couple of weeks, my system has been doing a blue-screen-of-death/reboot crash at sort of random times, but it's getting more frequent, something like every 2-3 days.

Thankfully FireFox, Chrome, Opera, and Open Office all have good auto back-up so when I re-open them, I pretty much have what I had open at the time of the crash (except for Twitter, which doesn't save the "timelines" that I might have open waiting to read), but I've been getting very paranoid about saving the stuff I have open in, say, NotePad, as I've lost a lot of work that way.

What's weird is that the crashes seem so unpredictable. I was away from the computer (having lunch or something) the other day and came back to find it up at the "select user" screen. I just tonight had it crash in the middle of writing a Tweet. There's no apparent pattern to how/why it's crashing, except for that when it's happened when I've been here it briefly goes to the blue screen with large white text (never up long enough for me to read it).

(sigh) ... I haven't be running anything out of the ordinary for me, and tonight I didn't even have a boatload of tabs open (I almost always have 3 browsers running, FireFox, Chrome, and Opera, and frequently have as many as 60 tabs going in one of 3 FireFox windows). I don't even know where to start to check what might be causing this. :-(

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The further "Onionization" of the media ...

OK, so one of the news sources that I still check on a daily basis is the Silicon Alley Insider ... if, for nothing else, to see how the major exchanges are doing at a glance (they have constantly updated green-up/red-down arrows so I can peek and get a sense of what's happening) as seeing economic growth gives me hope that maybe somebody's going to start hiring and all.

Anyway, this morning, one of the top stories was this ...

... and I'm thinking "is this picked up from The Onion?"!

Gotta wonder what sort of a world we're heading into when the only truly trustworthy "news" sources are the news parodies like The Onion and The Daily Show!

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