BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A DOZEN NEW POEMS! - #10 of 12

Well ... less than a week till I turn 45 ... how freaky is THAT? I still have a very hard time processing the reality of that age ... sure the body is getting creaky and stuff, but my brain still thinks I'm in my mid-20's! Of course, the body is more than happy to disabuse the brain of any such notions ... it's new favorite is the "deep desire to nap" in the afternoons after having had lunch ... which goes against all my "I can survive with no sleep" programming!

                    MADNESS' TENDRILS

                    no expectation
                    we ride collapsing
                    mountain sides
                    whose broken fragments
                    hurtle down
                    taking with them
                    all semblance of order
                    all structure or theme

                    faced with madness'
                    tendrils snaking through
                    the realm of the mundane,
                    we can not counter,
                    we can not parry,
                    with wielded truths
                    as they won't see
                    the subtle blade

                    these chaos fibers
                    now weave the whole;
                    there is no region
                    that's not decayed,
                    no frame or segment
                    that's without taint,
                    no place within here
                    without that stain

                    rage envelops
                    all that survives;
                    a smoldering red,
                    a thick choking pall,
                    a lingering flame
                    that aches to destroy
                    all enemies seen
                    and hidden from light

                    these battles churn on,
                    enveloping days
                    and weeks and months and years,
                    there is no respite,
                    there's never any rest;
                    we are stuck in stasis
                    within the storm
                    with no harbor, with no peace

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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