January 3rd, 2010


Why do they bother?

I'm a big fan of Amazon.com (as regular readers have probably been able to tell), but sometimes they mystify me.

Over there ===> is the "business end" of a promotional e-mail they sent me tonight. Whoooo! A whole one percent discount from list price! WTF? One would think that a marketing juggernaut like Amazon would put in controls that would just not bother if the discount fell under a particular threshold. Where I live, that's gotta be over 10%, as less than that and it's not even covering our local sales tax (not that this is an issue on Amazon orders, one of the reasons, of course, why ordering from them makes so much sense for us).

The last four books I've ordered from Amazon have been at 69%, 60%, 50%, and 32% off of cover price, but none of those were featured in an e-mail promo (and the item being promoted here wasn't even a typical thing for me to order) ... maybe it's just me, but offering something at a 1% discount has got to be counter-productive, highlighting a lack of attention to details that casts doubts on the competency of the entire operation.

I find it amazing that they don't have "rules" built into the system that would ensure that they didn't send a promo out if the discount wasn't at least X% ... it's just ridiculous to push out something like this to feature a "price break" this minimal!

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So ... no clues?

I seem to have gotten off all the various files that I needed to rescue from my comatose computer ... thanks to lefin1 for the tip on using Ubuntu Linux to get into the HD on that. While I wasn't able to to do a full back-up to my external HD, I'd done that about two weeks back and just rescued the stuff that I'd been working on since then.

The question that I STILL have is how I might be able to rescue the last session of FireFox. The browser saves it's last state for a restore when re-booting, but I've not been able to find the specific file. I saved the whole Mozilla section, so I'm guessing that like Prego, "it's in there", but I've had no luck finding it as yet.

The reason that I wanted to get into that was that I had something like 30 job possibilities stacked up in the tab bar, and I'd like to retrieve those, if possible, so I can send out some resumes.

Also, I'm hoping that I can just get back all my ThunderBird files, which I'm hoping I'll be able to restore from what I've saved.

Anybody out there with "Mad Mozilla Skilz" who could point me in the right direction on this stuff would be a great help.

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Bleh ...

I hate not having money! This whole computer fiasco would have been avoided if I wasn't so loath to take it in for service, but the bare minimum to have it looked at was going to be 10% of "replacement price", and I'm sure that whatever was/is wrong with my main (still comatose) system isn't going to be fixed by a cursory look at it over at the Geek Squad desk at Best Buy.

One of the things which got screwed up was my doing The Job Stalker ... all my files were on the desktop on that system, including my links for the Friday post (such as they were, given that not much got added last week). I'm still not 100% convinced I have everything off of that that I need (unfortunately, when I tried to move all of "C:" over to the external HD it balked at it, and stuff like the "User" files didn't move, so I'm probably going to have to go back in there and "cherry pick" files to move (for instance, FireFox didn't seem to transfer), just to be sure.

Anyway, there IS a new post up, so give it a click to hear me bitch in another context!

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