April 21st, 2010


Ouch ...

Well, it's been an interesting few days. On Monday, I either had food poisoning or a 12-hour stomach bug. I'm thinking the former (although The Wife suggested the latter), as I had a ham sandwich involving ham that had been in the fridge for two weeks, and as soon as the sandwich was in, the problems started up.

The TMI stuff starts here, so if you don't like gastric details, just click through over there ===> and read the very interesting author interview with Harvey Mackay in Monday's The Job Stalker ...

Anyway, I had a sandwich followed by a can of Chunky Chicken Cheddar Broccoli soup. Frankly, the sandwich didn't taste funky, nor did the ham look, feel, or smell off. The soup seemed odd, so I'm sort of wondering if the can had been breached and something was growing in there ... but I'm never happy with canned cheddar broccoli soup, so it always seems somewhat "off" to me (yeah, I know, why did you even pick that to eat?). Within the next half hour, my gut blew up like a balloon, though, and no amount of simethicone anti-gas tablets or Pepto was helping. What was worse was that this wasn't opting to exit on either end ... it would have been a great relief to had the runs or puked, but this was just not budging, but painfully bloating me. What was worse was that I couldn't just retreat to bed ... having to pick up Daughter #2 at the bus at 3:45, then rent a car (we have the by-the-hour Zip cars in our building) to pick up Daughter #1 and two of her friends after a play rehearsal at 5:30 ... trying to drive with that happening was no fun at all.

When I wasn't having to round up the kids, however, I did try to get to sleep so I was at least not so aware of the pain. Fortunately, after about 10 hours of this I was able to throw up a little bit, an within a couple of hours I was feeling better.

What's been freaky is how much pain I've had since, I guess I bruised up real good on the insides (sort of like how you ache after a major round of coughing), and two days out I'm still hurting if attempting something (like yelling or coughing) that involve torso action. Ouch. I'm glad I don't have a "delicate" digestive tract, as this stuff doesn't seem to hit me more than once every few years!

Anyway, not much to report otherwise. I was interviewed for a blog feature today, which should at least be another bit of visibility. I had my hopes raised a bit yesterday when a recruiter working with one of the big agency groups called to check on my availability (he had a meeting with their HR group that afternoon and mine was one of the resumes he was wanting to present). Unfortunately (and, to his credit, he got back to me with an e-mail soon after), it ended up with the usual song-and-dance from the Agency side of things ... I'm over-qualified for most of the openings they have, but I've been away from the Agency game too long for them to just slot me in at the VP level or above. {heavy sigh}

I've got The Girls to myself for a few days too, which is messing with my schedule (no networking this week), as The Wife is off on the first of a few business trips for her new gig ... not that I'm seething with jealousy about her current trip to Omaha. They're both off of school tomorrow, so we'll see how that plays out.

Anyhoo ... clicky-clicky on the image is always appreciated (actually, this one has a very interesting author interview) ... although you might get a 404 depending on where they are in moving servers tonight.

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