May 5th, 2010


Has it been a WEEK?

OK, so ... I did Census training on Thursday, during the day, then on Friday in 2nd shift. This is taking a bit of getting used to ... sort of reminds me of my brief bartending stint, though. While I do have all morning to work on my job search and run errands, I hadn't anticipated being as wiped out as I've been getting in near 1am (it can be closer to 12:30, but that depends on the bus drivers not being dicks ... last night I was half a block away from the #36, right in front of him, waving my bus card, and he just peeled out of the stop, swung past me into the next lane, and gunned it ... resulting in my having to wait like 15 minutes for the next bus, which was a #22 which means I have to walk a few blocks to get home). I've been getting in, grabbing a bite, and trying to do some Twitter catch-up at midnight, but finding that I end up doing more desk-sleeping than work.

Anyway, while I've been meaning to post in here, I've just not been able to get around to it ... I know you must be crestfallen at having your hopes of more content from me crushed by this. I know that those book reviews only go so far. You want the full-on blithering, the kvetching, emo-esque exploration of my angst ... I know.

Anyhoo ... this means that I'm behind a bit in flogging The Job Stalker in here ... the post over there ===> is from Friday with the latest big list of links. It also discusses my move into the Census job (I suppose that one could argue that I'm no longer qualified to be The Job Stalker as I do, nominally, have a full-time job (if only for the next 8 weeks ... but since I'm still into the "search", I'm not abdicating over this). As always, some clicky-clicky is always appreciated!

I was a guest again on the WGN-AM "Chicago Now" show on Saturday morning, but that's another post (you could find all the details, of course, if you "read ahead" over on TJS) ... more later.

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