May 13th, 2010


So ...

OK, I'll admit it, this week has been rough ... I'm working at the Census from Midnight to 8:30am, being out of the house (off the Internet!!!!) pretty much from 11pm to 9am. Those with snappy math skills will have already extrapolated that this leaves me with the rather brief window of 9am to 11pm to get everything I need to get done in a day done. Given that, previously to my taking up this clerk gig, I was generally flogging the job search from 7:30am to well past midnight, the hours just don't stretch to fit the needed activities. Oh, and that previous schedule also included getting somewhere around six hours of sleep. Now, I have 14 hours instead of 24, and everything is suffering for it, especially sleep. I'm lucky if I'm pulling 4 (although I've been trying for 5, usually in one 3.5 hour chunk with a 1.5 hour "nap" in the evening). I Am Not Happy and am noticeably crankier than usual. Also, everybody who's gotten used to my working on their projects during the week have started to get cranky with me because I'm not right on top of their things. Obviously, if these were paying gigs I wouldn't have had to consider taking the Census assignment. Boo-hoo-hoo ... the universe sucks all over.

Anyway, if you've been disappointed in the lack of posting (or even reading, I'm weeks backed up on my LJFL), I'm FRICK'N SORRY, O.K.? If I could get a dispensation to have 72-hour days, I'd be able to get all the stuff I desperately want to get done taken care of, but like everything else I'd like to get in this world, I'm told to go fuck myself by the management. Needless to say, I'm behind on everything, including cluing you all in on the brilliant posts over on The Job Stalker ... last Friday's entry (yes, there have be ones since) is over there ===> and you know your life wouldn't be complete without reading it.

So, does everything 100% suck? Well, no. <=== over here is a link to a Tweet by Leyla Arsan pointing off to a blog post she wrote based on an interview with me, with the absolutely splendid title of "You Should Hire Brendan Tripp!". Needless to say, that's a sentiment that I wholeheartedly concur with, and am ever so slightly miffed that my interview dance card is still looking like untrammeled fields of glacial snow. However, she has a pretty solid readership, and I'm hoping that this might at least lead to some discussions with folks who might be in a position of helping point me to a position. One thing that working as a clerk at the Census has already made clear to me, is that if I'm not in a "creative" job, I'm going to be going nuts. This is very much "time to make the donuts" kind of work, and it's everything I ever figured it would be (and that ain't good).

Well, there you have it. I've spent my evening sleep slot (much to the displeasure of The Wife who dislikes "Zombie Brendan" even more than she dislikes "Unemployed Brendan" and nags me constantly about getting more shut-eye) chatting with y'all. I'd love to promise more frequent missives, but I can't even keep up with my Twitter reading, and that's passive and skimable, so you'll just have to wait for the stars to align.

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