May 17th, 2010


But you knew that ...

Gee ... considering it was an unsolicited request for review by the publisher, you'd think I'd have at least gotten a "thanks" for running that review (as you read in here a while back), but nada. Sure, I was not particularly complimentary on the whole job-coach/career-guidance industry, but the time and money that I spent on that crap in previous job searches sure felt like it was totally wasted, and I did recommend the book as providing 90% of what one would get out of working with a career management service for under $20 (as opposed to the several thousand bucks I shelled out the last time). Oh, well.

I've been meaning to get a post up in here, but the hours keep getting short. Frankly I'm writing to you instead of having dinner. I need to be out the door and down to the Census in about 45 minutes, but I was feeling real bad about not posting in here, so here I am.

I am still having a horrible time trying to work out a "system" for my days ... I'm not getting enough sleep, and not getting enough done.

It would, of course, be different if the Census was a "real job", but it's not ... hell, it's barely enough money to justify my doing it ... but we need the money, so I'm giving up 10 hours a day (including transit) to be there. I wonder if I was "stuck" in a job like that if I could come to accept the mind-numbingness of it on-going? I've never been in a job that required 0% creativity, and nearly 0% thought. It's almost 100% "accurate movement of data" from one printed form to another printed form (of various sorts) ... needless to say, the Government has not come across the concept of "the paperless office" as we do nothing but generate vast piles of the stuff.

Oh, well. Here's a post. Lucky you. I'm way backed up on book reviews (one part due to my waiting to see if I'm going to get an interview for The Job Stalker to go with it). As you can tell that over there ===> is a post with a review that you've already read, but you might want to click through to read the accompanying author interview.

Ugh ... time to make the donuts ...

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