September 30th, 2010

The Black Oil

Having a Howard Beale moment ...

As regular readers (who am I kidding, I've been flying under the radar so long, I doubt there are any "regular readers" here anymore) may recall, one of the more obsessive aspects of my job search is that I make a rather dedicated attempt to read every tweet by every account I "follow", every day over on Twitter. There are several reasons for this: it's where I get enough job leads to get out 50-100 resumes a month, it's where I keep up with trends in various areas in which I'd like to be working, and it's where I get material for my Friday link-dump in The Job Stalker. This post is the result of one of these latter bits of info.

Today there was a Wall Street Journal blog post entitled Mister Rogers Was Right: Be Yourself, which was written by a Recruiter in reference to some advice he was giving his younger brother before an interview. The whole piece is excellent, but one bit stood out particularly:
The downside of a poor job market is that everyone is competing for a small number of jobs. Don’t succumb to the pressure of being someone you’re not simply to win a job. It’s not worth it. In the end you’ll be unhappy and your employer will be dissatisfied, leaving you right back where you started. Know who you are and be proud of who you are. Your employer will appreciate your authenticity and honesty.
As I noted in my previous post here, I'm sick to death of filtering myself to the point where I'm sounding like "a happy female, 66-100 years old"! Obviously trying to be a "kinder, gentler Brendan" isn't impressing any damn hiring managers or recruiters out there or I'd have a FUCKING JOB BY NOW (oooh, look ... I used a naughty word!), so what the hell is the use?

Sure, until I get a job, I'm likely to continue giving the current occupant of the White House a pass (as much as I think he's the biggest disaster this country's seen in the modern era), instead of ranting against him the way I did with the Klintons ... but I have GOT to get back to being ME instead of just a statistic waiting to happen. Frankly, if I don't get a job soon none of it will matter any more. We've now almost exhausted The Girls' college funds and the money my Mom had left for them, and what The Wife is bringing in (while slowing the bleed, obviously) is still less than half what we need to survive. The minute I find myself out of my house, all bets are off. I just want a last flowering of the "real Brendan" before then.

Damn, I hate this so fucking much!

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While I'm at it ...

Just read this article ... Why Morons Win ... and it's so PAINFULLY true.

I was just replying to a college kid's interview questions about interview situations, and I wish I'd had this on hand to further illustrate one example I was sketching!

Or, as the late great George Carlin put it: Just think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of them are even stupider!

I'm obviously on the wrong damn planet.

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