October 2nd, 2010


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Was off at a Tribune (well, I guess technically a TribNation) TweetUp last night, hosted by Colonel Tribune at the fabled Billy Goat Tavern.

Now, as folks keeping notes will recall, The Tribune is one of the very few companies that I've identified as "targets" for my job search, so I try my best to make it out to as many of these social events as possible, on the theory that most jobs get filled with folks the hiring manager "knows and likes", and I figure that the more folks over at the Tower how know me (I'll just have to take my chances on "like"), the better my bets for getting hired at that venerable institution.

One might think that looking to go to work for Old Media is insane at this point (I've certainly had that opinion offered to me frequently), however the Tribune is probably leading the pack with "new media" projects. In fact, a few months back, both Tracy Samantha Schmidt (who has pioneered the ChicagoNow blogging site, home to The Job Stalker), and Bill Adee (the VP of Digital) were hailed in separate (non-Tribune) pieces, in back-to-back weeks, as being something akin to the "saviors of the newspaper business" ... and I find the idea of being on the cutting edge of the "new newspaper" very exciting.

This TweetUp was surprisingly small (less than half of the last one over at The Goat that I attended), but it did give me a chance to have some significant chats with folks in attendance. I keep hoping that some "jack of all trades" gig (that requires communications/pr skills, editorial/design skills, and web/social/virtual skills) will open up in that Digital group and that I'll be top-of-mind for the short list. OK, so I also keep hoping that I'll win the Lottery, but at least this is something that I can functionally work towards.

This time I actually treated myself to a "Cheezborger", while avoiding the inevitable "upsell" ("double is best, triple is better", but going to the double adds $1.90 to the basic $3.05 cheeseburger price). The Goat's burgers are awesome, but I'm on a "dollar menu budget" these days, so spending three-forty (w/tax) on a burger was, unfortunately, a splurge. I know it's a cliché, but anybody visiting Chicago should drop by the classic Billy Goat (the one on Hubbard at Lower Michigan Ave.), as it's something of a museum to another time. Except for a few big TV monitors, the place is little changed from the days when the local papers still printed in their basements, and employees, from all levels, ate, drank, and bitched at "The Goat". Also, you can get fed for very little (if you fight off the upsell; and, heck, coffee's just 50¢!) while you're soaking up the ambiance and reading the classic stories and by-lines on the walls.

Anyway not much else to report. It's a pleasure to be back on my old computer in terms of speed and capacity, but I need to fix my e-mail. Anybody out there a wiz at ThunderBird? I have a mess there ... my btripp.com e-mail is buried in with fifteen old e-mail accounts from Simuality/Liminati, none of which are really valid at this point, and the "reply to:" data defaults to a liminati.com address that bounces, so if anybody just hits "reply" to something I've sent, it won't make it through. I'd appreciate any suggestions of how to both de-couple my btripp.com mail, and not lose all my old mail!

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