February 2nd, 2011


Snopocalypse - The Day After - #SNOMG

Well, I guess we survived ... even though, thanks to the continuing clean-up and the "deadly freezing temperatures" we're heading into tonight/tomorrow, the Chicago Public Schools are going to be closed again tomorrow.

These are from 2:30pm today ... 24 hours after my first set yesterday (http://t.co/AkwHYad):

Looking towards the Drive at Oak Street Beach:

Looking up State Street to Division:

The Hancock Center, etc.:

This afternoon The Girls (who were home on the CPS snow day) wanted to go out and see the snow, so we headed out to find some lunch (a bit of a challenge, as most places were closed), and wander around. I got this shot on Dearborn, just south of Division, as I thought it was a pretty good "in scale" shot of the amount of snow we got. I'm not sure what size this bike is, but I'm guessing that's a good 18" or more there ... I guess the city got over 20" and it was the third biggest snow in the city's history!

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