March 14th, 2011



Oh, I do so love a random ego boost ... who doesn't, after all?!

I have, from time to time, wondered what it took to make it into the twice-a-week-or-so Chicago Now promo mailing (I believe I've been in there before, mind you), and this was rolling through my head just the last time this came out. Well, look at that, not only is one of my posts in there, it's right at the top of the list. Yay!

If you click on the thumbnail image, it will open up a full-sized version, as screencapped out of my Gmail.

I guess this was sufficiently "content rich" that The Powers That Be decided it was good for promoting. This would have just been one of my standard Friday "data dumps" of the assorted job search links I'd culled from my Twitter reading during the week, but I was still agitated from a thing I'd gone to the night before.

Now, it's not unusual for me to "enhance" the List O'Links post with some tales of my networking efforts, so having this event detailed wasn't particular out of the ordinary, but the event itself had been. Go read the post for details, but this is a well-known Chicago "life coaching" operation that I'd had some random contact over the past decade or so, but had never gotten myself out the door to get to something they were running. This was billed as a "networking event" and it, on the surface, looked promising ... but turned out to be, at least dynamically, a classic "cult" intake event. Heck, if you had a checklist from Cults R Us, you could go right down the line at this.

So, I guess the combination of my link dump, and "Danger, Will Robinson!" narrative had this "make the cut" for the promo. What fun.

Hey, it sure beats a kick in the teeth (which is sort of how the weekend was running for me)!

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