March 16th, 2011


And then there was this ...


So, we're getting into much more recent posts ... these being less than a month old!

I didn't have a book ready to go on Monday, 02/21/2011, so I did a feature about this "virtual job fair" that the Tribune was running that week. It was sort of odd, as it was continuing the "franchise" of the Soldier Field job fairs that the Trib's done (and I've attended) in the past. It wasn't quite as "immersive" as ones I've gone to in Second Life, but it at least did not involve standing in long lines, or waiting out in the cold!

I had another "guest post" on Wednesday, 02/23/2011, which was another person that had contacted me. I'm guessing that these are SEO efforts to pull in some of ChicagoNow's "page ranking", but as long as it's not flogging some product or service, and is "on message", I'm cool with not having to write a mid-week post.

Friday, 02/25/2011, was another mixed post, with both the expected "link dump" and a tale of the nation-wide "HAPPO Hour", which was a networking event for Help A PR Pro Out that was being held in several cities across the country at the same time. It was interesting in getting to meet a couple of folks who I'd only known from Twitter.

Anyway, read the posts for more details ...

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