June 25th, 2011


So ...

It's been a long, action-filled weekend already, most of which being centered around The Wife's birthday.

I had started something for a post today, but I am, frankly, both exhausted and running up against deadline. Sure, I could post-date a post to "qualify" (for doing one a day for NaBloPoMo), but I really hate to do that, so you're getting "a post" tonight that's pretty much just putting words on the screen ... sorry about that.

I do have one other bit of "news", but it's not "news" news so much as it's a continuation of a situation that I'd sort of written off, and is in sufficient flux that I probably shouldn't talk about it yet. However, it is going to be taking up almost all day on Sunday, and "stretching" me a bit ... but in an interesting way. It's one of those things that I'm very excited and hopeful about, but is also one of those things that could evaporate in an instant, so I don't want to "jinx it" by getting into any particulars yet.

Again, I'm totally beat, and am hoping that I'm not going to nod off in the midst of typing this. No doubt I'll have more for you tomorrow, if just another "week's worth" of The Job Stalker backlog to prattle on about.

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