November 14th, 2011


An awesome video ...

Somebody on Twitter linked to this a few days ago, and I've had it sitting in a browser tab waiting for me to have five minutes to watch it (how do "people who watch videos" get anything done during their day?) ... obviously, I was impressed enough to want to pass this along here. The original context I saw it in was a piece on the Atlantic's web site, which has details on how the video was done (but I figured I'd just send you over there rather than parrot the info here).

It's funny how seeing the Chicago area running by in a night-time satellite shot makes me feel all "homey" like I want to point at the screen and say "look! look! I can see my house!" ... but, of course, the bright lights hugging the outline of Lake Michigan make that easy. There are several things that fly by here that I'd be fascinated to know what they are (like a rectangular area of lights about 3/4 of the way through this, or a very "red" light area), but I haven't seen a "walk through" text associated with this.

Not much "news" to report today ... going to be cranking out resumes all day ... but after I watched this, it seemed a good idea to post the video here (and get another notch in the NaBloPoMo belt). Oh, speaking of NaBloPoMo ... I won one of their contests! One of the benefits of doing this in November is that they have all sorts of stuff going on with it, including a bunch of give-aways to folks who have registered. It is, however, slightly ironic what I'm getting ... a book ... fortunately, it's something that I don't have and haven't had sent to me by a publisher for review, and might even be useful: Professional Blogging for Dummies. Who knows, it might be the ideal thing for me to move the book review blog over to WordPress.

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