January 14th, 2012


Better late than never?

OK, so here is a video from our annual trip up to the Lincoln Park Zoo's "ZooLights" on New Year's Eve ...

We've been going up there for years, as it's a fun, "family friendly" thing to do on NYE, which avoids the crowds and craziness of both our neighborhood and other venues around town. There were less "activities" this year (there used to be various craft stations), but The Girls got to do the usual cookie decorating.

I ended up shooting forty segments with the FlipCam, so had a rather substantial editing task hanging over my head, which is why this took me 2 weeks to get this up! I contemplated doing a voice-over here, but figured I'd just let it go with ambient crowd noise. It turns out that there was a specific pathway one was supposed to take this year on the north end of the zoo, which we didn't know/take, so there's a bit of a loop back, as we returned to go through the flashing "tunnel" of lights and through the building with the giraffes.

Anyway ... this is longer than most, but it catches the feel of going through ZooLights!

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