BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A DOZEN NEW POEMS! - #11 of 12

The whole "birthday thing" really gets to me, especially given how damn broke we are. I almost wish I could get my immediate family to hold off on gifts this year ... I am SO bad about "feeling OK about getting stuff" for me that I end up having gift certificates expire, etc. (I just used a $100 cert from Amazon from last year's birthday a few days before it would have gone poof). Of course, with this being a "major" (45 being sort of the half-way point) I can't get folks to ignore it. The Wife keeps pumping me for what I'd like to get, but anything that I can come up with that I'd like to have is WAY too expensive for us to get at this point. (sigh) Maybe I should just suggest more Amazon bucks so I can keep buying CDs.

                    TO SEE BEYOND SLEEP

                    our grip grows weak,
                    our focus blurs,
                    continuity falters
                    in the narrative;
                    we stand forlorn
                    and oh so lost,
                    staring at universes
                    unable to adjust

                    all is frustration
                    and seeds our rage,
                    all runs to madness
                    and warps perception,
                    we can not escape
                    from all these blades,
                    we can not flee
                    these pressing walls

                    time turns traitor
                    upon our path,
                    all intents fail
                    within allotted spans,
                    all functions falter,
                    slain by demand
                    outside their frame,
                    beyond the scope of plan

                    we are wrapped in darkness
                    and tainted light,
                    nothing is clear,
                    nothing is pure,
                    all essences poisoned
                    by a cruel race
                    which has no eyes
                    to see beyond sleep

                    in broken segments
                    we sense beyonds
                    places, contexts,
                    which shift the state
                    to parallel beings,
                    unexpired times,
                    fresh planes undefiled
                    could we but reach

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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