February 9th, 2013


How very sensible ...

MuddleOh look ... it's another worm "motivational" poster ... only this time it's riffing off the "Keep Calm and Carry On" WW2 propaganda poster. This version is coming from the Worm Ministry, and is encouraging the wriggly masses to, well, do what they'd normally do (especially in the presence of light, they "dig deep" if there's too much light!).

I doubt that I need to tell regular readers this, but if you click on the graphic over there ===> you will get a far, far larger version in a new tab/window.

We've got a complicated weekend, with it being Daughter #2's birthday (well, on Monday, but she's got tests and I've got a class in the evening so that's sort of screwed up), and we're running around hither and possibly even thither (I don't think we've got time to schedule a stop at yon, but you never know) with celebratory stuff being wedged in between other stuff (like her big sis taking the ACT tests this morning). Maybe I'll have stuff to show you.

Speaking of stuff to show you ... I've started shooting some of those 6-second videos with Vine (the new acquisition of Twitter) ... I can't seem to find a "homepage" for me (other than on my phone), but I can point you to some classic moments (yeah, right) that I've immortalized there: Birdies: https://vine.co/v/bvWUhiV2xti Morning in Chicago: https://vine.co/v/bvWUwz6nJth Beverages at Chilis: https://vine.co/v/bn3l7YDYdxU and Waiting outside: https://vine.co/v/bn6ddXVWJpH ... I'm not quite totally up-to-speed with that as yet, and have "fails" about every other video ... I wish they'd let you edit-and-upload bits. Some folks are doing some pretty cool animation with this (using tripods, and lighting, and assorted "pro" gear see http://mashable.com/2013/02/07/vine-tips/), but mostly it's 6-second snaps of their kids or pets doing something "cute" or random stuff where they found shooting a few seconds of video more interesting than staring into middle-distance. I'm afraid mine are on the latter end of that spectrum so far ... but take a look at them anyway to humor me, OK?

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