November 11th, 2013



Tough loss ...

  LIONS 21
  BEARS 19

Cutler was gutting it out, and seemed fine in the first half, but looked like he'd re-injured himself in the second ... I think they should have benched him for McCown way before they did. As it was, we had all sorts of chances to win this one (two TDs nullified, yikes!), but couldn't pull it off. The minute Cutler started to limp, Trestman should have "manned up" and told the QB to go hang with the training/med staff, no matter how much he wanted to prove he's a tough guy.

Having the Lions a game up on us and having beat us twice makes it a lot deeper hold than it looks. At least the Packers lost again - I wonder when the last time was that they lost back-to-back games up at Lambeau

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