July 13th, 2014


Haven't done this in a while ...

So, back in my drinking days, every year around this time I'd make a straight-up $10 bet with this guy who'd occasionally hang at my local bar, about how The Bears were going to do. It was one of those friendly, low-pressure, things about who had a better fix on what the team had in place and how we saw it playing out over the season. I seem to recall that I was the winner of that more often than not - but it's a long time ago and, as noted, that was when I was still drinking.

Anyway, after looking at the sports section this morning the data popped into my head of The Bears going 11-5 and losing the NFC Championship Game (the parameters of that bet never required anything more specific than final standings and result). Since I don't have anybody to bet with (and, no, I'm not really interested in taking any "action" on this), I figured I'd just post about it ... so I could see how I did at the end of the year.

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