August 26th, 2014


"Shall we play a game?"

In the words of the classic '80s film "WarGames" ...
"Shall we play a game?"

The other day over on Facebook, I ran into the sort of meme that used to run happily through LiveJournal, back in the day ... and it occurred to me that I might as well re-post it here!

Here are the official rules:
"FB tag game! In your status, list 10 books that have stayed with you in some way. Don't take more than a few minutes and don't think too hard. They don't have to be the 'right' books or great works of literature, just books that have stayed with you in some way." ... this then went on to dictate various "tagging" that needed to happen, but hooey on that.

Now, I didn't spend very long on digging, so there might be things which are embarrassingly absent from the list, but these popped up, some of which are still kicking around my head many decades since I read them:

Ten Books that Shaped My Life:
1. H.P. Lovecraft - The Dreamquest of the Unknown Kadeth
2. G.Gordon Liddy - Will
3. Douglas Sharon - Wizard of the Four Winds
4. P.D. Ouspensky - In Search of the Miraculous
5. G.I. Gurdjieff - Meetings with Remarkable Men
6. Rupert Sheldrake - A New Science of Life / The Presence of the Past
7. John Anthony West - Serpent in the Sky
8. Idries Shah - The Commanding Self
9. Philip K. Dick - UBIK
10. Serge Kahili King - Urban Shaman
... have at it!

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