November 1st, 2014


OK ... so you can now find 2,000 of my poems in print ...

Oh boy, a BOOK! Yes, the new edition of POEMS : 1994 is up over on Amazon, and elsewhere (these go "live" on CreateSpace pretty much as soon as they're approved, but it takes a couple of days to show up on Amazon).

This is the eighth volume of poems I've gotten out (4 in August, 2 in September, and 2 in October), which - given that these were from my 250/year period - means that there are now 2,000 of my poems out there potentially in print ("potentially" in that with a print-on-demand service, there aren't boxes of these sitting around, but they will magically appear if ordered).

While I currently have the full title lists for each of these over on the Eschaton Books site, I've not worked up a particularly good system to offer "samples". I'm thinking that I'm eventually going to somewhat randomly select one poem per month and do a page on the Eschaton site for that, which would have the text and a "reading" (like the videos over in the early parts of my YouTube Channel that I recorded back in June 2009) for the chosen poem, but it's going to take me a while to get into that (I have "tested" systems for doing those readings, and can replicate what I'd previously done - so it is, like pretty much everything else, just blocking out the time!).

In the meanwhile, going over to the individual book listings on Amazon and clicking the "Look Inside" feature will give you access to a couple of dozen poems, which might double by then using the "surprise me" option.

Anyway ... I'm still chunking away at the stuff I have more-or-less good-to-go, and hope to have two more volumes out in November, and two more in December. I'm thinking that at that point I'm probably going to have to start "digging" to find material (stuff earlier than 1984 and later than 1996 aren't in my "main" disc files ... in the case of the earlier poems, I'm probably going to have to do some "archaeology" in 5.5" floppies, and for the later, I may have to do a bunch of searching through old HDs ... both requiring doing a lot of messing with computer guts).

Now, I realize that the $25.00 per book price level (although that's only 10¢ per poem) is pretty steep, especially if one is looking at getting 8, 12, 16 or more volumes. My costs for ordering books via CreateSpace are quite reasonable, and I was wondering if there might be interest in my offering these in "bundles" at significant discounts ... I'd probably have to do these through PayPal on the Eschaton site (and re-ship the books), but it's something that I'm considering. Does that sound appealing to anybody?

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