December 26th, 2014


The rules of LiveJournal ...

Yeah, like Fight Club, LiveJournal has rules too ... and I realize that one of them is "everybody gets to do with their journal whatever they want to do with their journal", so bitching about stuff in other people's journals is generally discouraged. So I'm being BAD here ...

It drives me nuts when people post HUGE pictures ... because my main interface with LJ is the Friends Feed, and one 3,000+ width picture showing up in a post there makes EVERYTHING on that page scroll off the side. I'm guessing that this is due to people posting from their phones and just including a full-size multi-megapixel image with the post, as I can't imagine that anybody posting from the web would intentionally put in a pic that big.

I wish there was a "mute image" or somesuch button for those cases because it means that I pretty much have to read everything else on the page in "comment" mode, which is a pain in the ass.

Of course, the Millennials and "Gen Z" folks often JUST have phones and no real PCs, so they don't even consider the non-mobile viewing (I don't have a clue what a 3000px wide image in LJ looks like on a phone) rendering of what they're posting ... so it's no doubt going to get worse.

Grrrr ... GET OFF MY LAWN!

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