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Sunday, July 17th, 2016

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Getting sort of "meta" ...
{Posted this over on FB, but figured it was sort of a continuation of the last post, so decided to re-post it here, even though it's in danger of creating some strange loop in time, referring back to a post here from May, 2007 ...}

Wow ... I wonder if this was the last poem I wrote ...

I've been working on finishing up the big spreadsheet of my book reviews (which I need to get done before each yearly collection), and as I "back up" though the posts on my main blog (obviously, the book review blog is just all reviews), I keep running into interesting stuff, including this post.

One thing that I took note of is this is from 2007 ... since the latest of my poetry collections just goes up to 2001 ... it means that there are SIX YEARS of "missing" poems (hopefully sitting on a floppy hear somewhere and not deeply buried in an old, and/or "bricked", HD).

Another thing I don't seem to have a trace of is the audio files that I was doing in the latter years ... the hosting service I had them on went out of business a long time ago ... so if you click for that you'll get an error ...


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Re. previous post ...
You know ... there are a LOT of things of late that I'm wondering if it's the last ...

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