September 12th, 2016


Then there's this ..

{Yeah, I'm trying to make LJ my go-to for random posts "just like it used to be", but this ended up getting slapped up on the seen-by-nobody space of Facebook initially, and figured I'd copy it over to here as well.}

WOOT! I just finished keying in the data for the last of the book reviews in the spreadsheet I've been developing in order to have a nice index for both the blog site and the "BTRIPP BOOKS" collections page over on the Eschaton site.

I have been working on this a VERY LONG TIME and it's nice to have it done ... plus, it has the right number of lines, so my count of reviews and my list of reviews are the same length ... which makes me hope I didn't significantly screw up on anything there.

Now, I need to get a couple of sorts done, divvy the list up by letter, and start creating the index sub-site on the Eschaton site ... going to have 54 pages, one each for A-Z plus a # (well, probably won't have anything there for the Author sort, but you never know) for both sort by Author and sort by Title.

Some days it's good to be OCD.

Needless to say, I wish I was getting PAID for some of these hours ... but diving into busy work is better than being depressed and suicidal.

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