July 19th, 2018


Random ...

Crap churning around in my head ...

How can a grocery store price sweet corn in the summer, in the freak'n midwest, at 8 ears for a buck one week, and then be back to "Tampa Bay" corn (buck-an-ear) pricing the next week??? (plus, the latter is all shucked and in trays, so you can't microwave it)

Don't you think that the urology guys would clue you in on what to expect from a kidney stone procedure? I spent pretty much all of June and the first half of July dealing with this stuff, and was regularly freaked out at the amount of blood in my pee. It turns out that as soon at the stents were out, the bleeding stopped within hours ... a little chat about how those loops of wire were likely to be messing with either end of the urethra and causing some bleeding would have been nice to have had up front!

I guess I've been broke for so long that I've forgotten how easy it was to thoughtlessly burn through cash back when I was getting a serious paycheck. The idea of paying "full fare" for a movie is almost unthinkable these days ... which means that I'm usually seeing stuff on the "early bird" showing on Sunday mornings. And popcorn? fuggeddaboutit!

This whole relocation thing has uncovered a lot of oddities. For instance, it appears that my eating habits were seriously directed by the physical lay-out of our old kitchen. In the new place, The Wife has gone with (what to me is) a bizarre system of having the good china and glassware (that used to live in a piece of furniture that she deemed not worthy of moving) in the kitchen cabinets, and most of the non-refrigerated food in a pantry around the corner from the kitchen. There are all sorts of things that used to be on my regular consumption roster that now involved getting up and leaving the room, and so almost never show up on my menu. So strange. (this is one of those battles that I've put off "for another day", but I'm pretty sure all the good tableware could be fit into the pantry's storage, and then we could have the actual food in the kitchen)

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