August 17th, 2018


Glad that's over with ...

I am assuming that after one procedure on my left kidney, and now two procedures on my right, that I'm done with this whole kidney stone thing (well, except for the follow-up to yank the wire out that's running from my kidney to my bladder).

I know, I really shouldn't bitch about it, as, aside from the residual aches from the surgery, I have had zero discomfort, let alone pain from all of this. Having "had a kidney stone" 25 years ago (waking up in screaming agony all up and down my left side), I'd just as well not have that experience again ... and this summer's "hospital time" was based on stuff seen in assorted scans that was not bothering me in the least, but freaking out my urologists. Needless to say, it's better to have that stuff out, but if they hadn't run the tests I would have been blissfully unaware of the stones ... until I wasn't.

Anyway, that's me waiting to go in ... which was a LONG wait, almost 8 hours in the queue. Of course, once "it's on", it goes real fast (for me), a gurney ride down various hallways, transfer to a table, and lights out with the general anesthesia ... and then a groggy coming back around (which reminds me - I may have mentioned this previously - but I always thought the Green Day song "When I Come Around" was about regaining consciousness rather than visiting folks ... I guess I never saw the video back in the day).

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