October 1st, 2020


Oh, my ...

Well, it finally happened.

I mean, I knew it was going to happen (heck, I even bought a replacement back in January), but my main desktop system got badly messed up, and no amount of coaxing could get it back working. Over the past couple of days, I've gotten the new computer installed (I had to build a small "home plate"-shaped table for it under my desk) and running, and am typing on it now (on the oddly dimensional, but not unpleasant keyboard that came with it).

I really ought to be more freaked out about this than I am, because all of everything is on that hard drive that I can't get at, but 1) I still have hope to get that back to working (I made a recovery disk on a USB drive from the new one), and 2) I should be able to retrieve everything from either the external back-up drive or Carbonite on the cloud. However, to get TO those things, I need to get my large document full of ID/PW combinations ... which is on the drive I can't get to. Arrrgh.

The old system wasn't exactly dead, just unable to launch Win10. It would restart and restart, and go into a "repair" mode, and then get to a screen with other options, all of which needed "my MS password", which was evidently not the one that I put in on the log-in screen. This flooded my brain with re-used angst from an episode back in Dec/Jan where The Wife was unable to get the Office360 suite to work on her computer. It turns out the emails about renewing that were going to my outlook account, that I never ever look at. It also turns out that I seem to have a half dozen Microsoft passwords, and it was the classic MCF that needed to get untangled.

The event that caused the (hopefully temporary) demise of my old computer seemed almost an "act of God" (or other messing-with-my-reality spirit). The other night (a week ago Monday?), around midnight or so, the electricity in our building went out. Just "poof", with nothing seemingly to blame (and I've not seen a memo from the building, so maybe nobody else was up). It was only out for a couple of hours, but when it did come back up, my computer was stuck. My suspicion is that Windows was in one of its "don't turn off or unplug the computer!" moods when that hit, and it messed up whatever it was doing with the OS.

So, in the past week I've gotten the new computer set up, on a table that I built to fit in under my desk, cleared off my other desk and set up the old computer there, and today got that recovery disk thing done on a USB drive (I didn't have the emotional fortitude to actually try it yet ... tomorrow). I am hoping that the recovery thing will work and I'll be able to get back in to everything that's on that computer ... because that will avoid any additional freak-out on my part ... the other options are less appealing.

Oh, well ... that's why nobody's heard from me (I managed to guess my LJ password tonight to get on here!) for a while.