BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Long time ...

Bleh ... well, I survived my 45th birthday! Been so much happening that I (obviously) haven't been able to post. Frankly, I've not been at my desk much ... since I've had a ton of stuff to do for school, and all of that stuff is on the laptop.

My threat of posting more poems on Saturday was hollow ... I still don't have them typed up (and, of course, that project has grown in the meanwhile). But soooooooon .... sooooooon!

Do you care what's happened over the past few days? No ... but I'm going to tell you anyway. The Wife took me to a new Brazillian restaurant ... Fogo de Chao ...for my B-Day on Sunday night (when we could get a sitter) ... then on Tuesday (my actual B-day) we went over to my Mom's place and ordered in Indian food (my favorite), which I've had lunch off of the left-overs of for the past three days! The most notable b-day gifty I got was an external CD-R unit, which I can use to transfer files on CD betewen the various systems here ... it works with either USB or Parallel connectors, so it's backward compatible to my W95 machines ... should help with "archiving" those huge Case Study files from school.

Speaking of school ... I got 100% on the Final, now I just have the Case Study to finish up ... the timing on this is great, as we started it today and it's due on Tuesday ... giving me 5 days instead of 3 to work on it (which is good, since today I had a bitch of a headache, and all I was able to get done was designing 3 logos for the case study's company).

Anyway ... such is life.

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