BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Shilling for Daughter #1's school again ...

O.K. ... These fund-raising things are coming fast and furious from the folks at Daughter #1's elementary school. As I may have noted before, if her school were almost anywhere else in Chicago, they'd be getting several million dollars in additional funding, but only get a hundred grand to cover all the "extras" like copiers, computers, repair contracts, and the Art Teacher! This creates a situation where the local PTA is constantly having to raise funds to keep the place afloat.

This month's promo is with "Sally Foster" which has a catalog of Gifts, Stationary, Chocolates, Nuts, Holiday items, and Wrapping Paper (the paper comes in BIG rolls ... 18-20 feet as opposed to the 6ft length of most store-bought wrap ... so it's a pretty good deal). They also have free shipping if the order is at a certain level.

Of course, Daughter #1 will win prizes based on how many sales she gets credited with ... so please go take a look at what they have to offer at the whomping big URL of:


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