BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

money problems ...

Well ... we knew that the big downside of the "going on hiatus" thing at school was going to be the extra three months with no income ... and as I was originally going to be "graduating" next week, this is coming home to roost. We have a rather substantial property tax bill that's due by the 1st and I was planning on using some credit-card checks to pay it (like we did last year). Well, over the past couple of years I've been "spotty" at best on paying the credit cards, and the motherfuckers went and got their revenge ... when I went to see how much "room" we had on the cards for which I had checks, I discovered that one of them had reduced our credit line to a mere $600.00, and another had the credit limit only $33.00 over what we owed. Damn them all. Since we only owed $50.00 or so on the first of these I cut them a check, wrote a very nasty note (trying to stay just on the "safe" side of "terroristic threat" territory) and enclosed the cut-up credit card. I've never dropped a credit card like that before ... it was very strange to do. I'm going to have to change the card that some stuff charges to (like AOL), but it's one down and at least another one to go. I'm still not sure where we're going to get the cash for the taxes ... may have to hit up my brother to wire us that so I can get the check there in time.

On the good side of things, I was taking a pee at school today and the Director of our campus pulled in to the next urinal, and asked me how things were going. As I had previously outlined the financial implications of the compromise we'd worked out (my auditing other classes until the next Programming class "caught up with me"), I told him that we had hit crunch time and things were getting sort of grim. He then told me that "so-and-so corporation has been hiring all of our programming graduates" (from the suburban campus, I assume, since I'll be in the first group coming out of the dowtown unit)! Needless to say, this was good news, as up till now the Career Services guy was just pushing us to "self-help" our way with resumes and networking, and it's nice to hear that there's a "pretty sure thing" out there as a back-up. I don't want to jinx the deal ... but the company describes itself as "one of the world's leading management consulting and technology services organizations" ... and, although I've never worked for a Huge Multinational Corporation, at this point it sure sounds pretty tasty.

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