BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Do You Live in ILLINOIS???

Hey, if you live in Illinois and really want to make a difference with your vote next week, please consider casting a vote for the Libertarian Party cadidates running where you live ... you can find a full listing at

ESPECIALLY if you're sick of BOTH of the major parties' candidates for Governor ... Cal Skinner is a GREAT alternative, plus, if he gets 5% of the vote or over, it will certify the Libertarian Party as a "major party" in the state, allowing us to get folks on the ballot with only about 1/10th of the signatures that are currently required!

If you don't live in Illinois, please still consider voting for a Libertarian if you have one running locally (check out at ... the national party's site). Nothing is ever going to change for the better if we let the entrenched two parties keep their strangle-hold on the political system ... voting LIBERTARIAN is the best way to lodge a protest against the way things are!

Visit the BTRIPP home page!

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