BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Shit ...

Man, did we get screwed. That last poll ... which the Republicans claimed showed that they had pulled even in the Governor's race was a pure scam ... all the OTHER polls show RodB double digits ahead ... it looks like that poll was JUST to fuck over the Libertarians since it had Republicans (like my Mom) who might have otherwise said "screw it, let's vote for this Skinner guy", dashing off to the polls to vote for Ryan ... the polls BEFORE that Zogby one were showing Skinner with about 6%, so I guess the fraudulent poll dragged 4% from Skinner and back to Ryan, which means that Ryan lost by 9% instead of 13%. Damn.

I dragged my tired butt all the way out to Rosemont to show up at the Election Evening party ... which started in high spirts until those first blocks of votes started coming through. I guess the Republicans decided that if they couldn't keep us off the ballot, they'd screw us with this poll thing. Now it's back to square one, needing fifty thousand signatures for this race, fifty thousand signatures for that race. Since most of our candidates for Congress were running in 3-way races we're even in a worse position than last time ... since we're getting 2% in districts that we got 12% in before. Bleh. This is so damn depressing.

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