BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, look ... POEMS ... five of nine

(sigh) ... I am so NOT into doing this right now ... as I mentioned a couple of things back, I'm really in a mood to go break stuff ... or, I suppose, go surf for smut. Not a happy camper ... not a happy camper ... not a happy camper .... oh, but you had guessed that already from the poems, huh?

                    POISONED DAY AGAIN

                    other words
                    escape us
                    we see the things
                    within the world
                    which some demand
                    in writing
                    but can not touch
                    close enough to grasp

                    the play of light,
                    the flight of birds,
                    the motion of the wind
                    traced upon the water;
                    these we see
                    and open to
                    but for our words
                    there is no connection

                    the things we know
                    are deep within
                    the zone of stress,
                    of fear, of rage,
                    and in the place
                    of abstract forms
                    which lies beneath
                    these dreams

                    so patterns shift
                    and meaning gels
                    into duration
                    and location
                    and yet somehow
                    nothing has changed
                    the outside's poisoned
                    day again

                    what is attained
                    is not enough
                    for us to sense achievement
                    too many musts
                    too much demand
                    and not enough
                    of what we need
                    is stasis in this world

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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