BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, look ... POEMS ... eight of nine

Of course, to rub my face in my current financial difficulty, my "Mr. MBA" brother and his family are coming out for a WEEK at Thanksgiving. Which means that we're going to be faced with a LOT of situations where we just plain CAN'T AFFORD to do stuff that they'll be wanting to do. This really really really really really sucks. I hate the fucking world for all this shit, and hope that someday I will be avenged!

                    TIGHTLY SET WITH HAZE

                    forged in the abyss,
                    grasped by dreams,
                    we lost all placement
                    and can't align;
                    all frames fall empty
                    set within the lie,
                    vision fails us,
                    tightly set with haze

                    panic runs these lines,
                    we can not fight
                    the unrelenting flow,
                    we can not break
                    out of temporal sway
                    and spin fresh hours,
                    weave spare days
                    beyond this rush

                    so much action,
                    so little shift,
                    we run unmoving
                    in the waking dream,
                    gaining nothing
                    for all our toil,
                    building nothing
                    in exertion's waste

                    no belief,
                    no trust remains;
                    systems falter,
                    all dreams fail,
                    we are adrift
                    so far from shore
                    unable to journey
                    to find our home

                    so broken, fractured,
                    there is no whole
                    to format sway,
                    no inner strength
                    or true cohesion
                    to press against
                    these dire restraints
                    and cause their yielding

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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