BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, look ... POEMS ... nine of nine

Oh, look, the last one from September ... you thought these little posts weren't going to end! Oh, right, nobody reads them anyway, and certainly nobody clicks though to look at the poems. Yeah, I know. I have no delusions about my poem site being a "popular surfing destination" either, I'm just hoping that when the whole damn thing gets done, and there are several thousand poems there, it will have its own gravity well and suck unsuspecting surfers into its lair.

                    EACH DROP VERTIGINOUS

                    the words not marked,
                    though clear and real,
                    bleed off to time
                    and cease to be;
                    where in the mists
                    do these dissolve,
                    where in the shadows
                    might they hide?

                    a game of loss
                    surrounds me now,
                    a dance between
                    gaping chasms
                    of anguish, despair,
                    regret and remorse,
                    each drop vertiginous,
                    each edge insane

                    no plans succeed,
                    no intents bloom
                    to yield the harvest
                    that we would have,
                    the darkness is
                    too deep for that,
                    the cloaking angst
                    far too tight

                    and even within
                    we find failure,
                    despite all strain
                    our schemes collapse
                    leaving nothing
                    but the ache
                    and the shame

                    darkness enfolds
                    but we find no rest,
                    the void but a cage
                    without bars of walls,
                    the emptiness a trap
                    with no way out,
                    these eternities a sentence
                    which has no end

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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