BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

P is for POETRY (uh, and I guess Psychosis, too ...) - #3/8

By the way ... again, not that anybody gives a fuck ... I'm right on target for getting 200 poems done for the year! While not being quite the pace that I used to write at (250/yr), it's still back at a decent clip. Makes me feel like I'm actually WRITING ... after all, are you a writer if there's nothing to show for it?

                    ALL THE COLORS HERE

                    and the darkness
                    steals all the colors here,
                    it lays a blanket
                    as a burden,
                    as a pall,
                    as a shroud
                    to smother gain
                    and wipe out growth

                    no matter what
                    we craft of light,
                    nothing is enough
                    to force the shadow back;
                    every corner,
                    every street,
                    is befogged now,
                    tainted by the shade

                    whenever we have hoped
                    we have been shattered,
                    whenever we have cared
                    we've been undone,
                    whatever we have wished
                    has been denied us,
                    whatever we have made
                    has been destroyed
                    nothing remains of dreams
                    but bitter fragments,
                    mocking reminders
                    of who we were,
                    and what we had,
                    and how we thought
                    the future would unfold;
                    so pitiful in recall

                    darkness forms a gravity
                    and drags down in its wake
                    all things of life,
                    all days and joys,
                    now pointless, deep in loss
                    as we ache for a releasing
                    to tear away this madness
                    and be one with the light

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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