BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

P is for POETRY (uh, and I guess Psychosis, too ...) - #4/8

You won't mind if I'm not particulary chatty here, will you? I'm trying to get all 8 of these posted before I have to go get Daughter #2 from daycare at 5pm ... rush, rush, rush ...

                    DEPTHS OF VILE MALAISE

                    so much loss,
                    so much failure,
                    so deep the cycle
                    of this decay;
                    there is nothing left
                    for us to draw on,
                    all reserves
                    have been sucked dry
                    these simple things
                    become the mountain
                    which looms above
                    and dares the try,
                    no easy task,
                    no routine action,
                    all is striving
                    against dire odds
                    our days take on
                    the cloak of nightmares,
                    a madness twisted
                    beyond all sense;
                    no predicting
                    the world's reaction,
                    no expectation
                    that it won't kill
                    within that place
                    of utter bleakness,
                    down in the depths
                    of vile malaise,
                    what course is left
                    for us to follow,
                    what doorway stands
                    to lead away?

                    all dreams here damaged,
                    all hopes destroyed;
                    we face a world
                    of lies, delusion,
                    whose basis is our bane,
                    a zone of bile and weakness
                    where nothing grows
                    that is not poisoned

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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