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Finally ...

Well, The Wife had a meeting tonight so I had The Girls ... since we're missing a LOT of Dojo due to various factors (social things, Daughter #1's theater rehearsals, etc.), I figured I'd pick up #2, grab #1 and go for the 6:30pm Kids class. Good idea, since Daughter #1 got her Yellow Belt tonight. She told me that her instructor was a bit apologetic about not giving it to her on Monday, but the whole class was half-assed then and she blew a few things she was being tested on, so he didn't feel he could promote HER and not anybody else, just because it was her birthday. She'd been "stuck" on 3rd degree White Belt for five months, so this is a great relief.

Also, although it was pricey, it was a relief to get her into a new Gi (karate uniform) ... her old white one was two years old and WAY too small, we'd gotten her new white pants a while back and now she has a nice embroidered black Gi that she'll have to grow into (the Yellow Belts wear black tops and white pants, then go to black and black when they move up to the Gold Belt ... so we're set until she moves past Gold!).

The biggest thing her instructor noted that she really needs to work on now is her balance ... she'll do a nice sharp kick, and then fall on her butt ... and is generally "floppy" when doing combinations since her "body control" is still a bit undeveloped. So, today I built her a balance beam (well, I cut the parts for it ... still need to do the drilling, screwing, filling, sanding, and painting) ... she's into the concept, although The Wife is not happy about the prospects of it "cluttering up" the place.

In the "and now for something completely different" department ... although I've not had any time to type any more poems up, I am right on target for making my "goal" of 200 poems for the year ... I just need to get 13 more written this month. I still have a bunch from October not typed up, all of November, and, of course, the couple I've done so for this month. But I will ... eventually. Not that anybody cares, of course.

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