BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

WOOT! New Monitor!

My old 17" monitor has been having some "CRT problems" and I'd been hoping to upgrade to a 19" unit ... but, being broke, it's been a frustrating time. I'd looked at the local computer re-sale shop and they had used ones for about $150.00 and I was thinking I might do that, but today I got an e-mail from Tiger Direct with a heck of a deal ... I got this Dell M991 19" 1600x1200 .26mm Midnight Gray (Factory Recertified) Monitor for just $99.95 (well, $127.72 with tax and shipping)! I figure that "factory recertified" is better than "used" in this case. Now I can tell my Mom what she got me for Xmas (well, maybe birthday ... I haven't spent that money yet either)!

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