BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

An interesting read ...

Here's an interesting article that a friend fowarded to me which traces the links between current Islamicism and the Nazis. It turns out that the Nazis used their anti-semitism as a "selling point" to incite anti-British and anti-French uprisings in the Middle East, the rhetoric set at that point still spews today from pigfuckers like Arafat.

A couple of quotes ...
"The contemporary heirs to the Nazi view of Judentum are not the handful of powerless skinheads and Aryan Nation survivalists. They are schools, religious leaders, and mainstream intellectuals in the Moslem, meaning primarily Arab, world."
"It is hard to imagine hatred more vitriolic than that which reproaches the Nazis for not completing the Final Solution more thoroughly. What is remarkable is not that such sentiments exist, but that they are freely circulated in the mainstream media and internalized by the opinion-making elite throughout the Moslem world."

As I said ... this is a very interesting read:

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