BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Ah ... "bad weirdness" (isn't that Hunter S. Thompson's phrase for it?) is happening around here ... The Wife and I were discussing the events of the past few days and we both were saying this is definately the strangest shit that's gone down in our lives thus far. I don't feel comfortable writing the details yet. May not ever get there.

On top of that, lots of emotionally loaded other stuff is happening. Tuesday is the last day for Daughter #1 at the preschool that she's been going to for three years. Both of us (The Wife and I) have been getting all teary about that. We're doing a party Tuesday morning with little Halloween gift bags and stuff ... all the kids will be in their costumes ... Daughter #1 will assume the whole day is honor of her! She starts at her new school (a Waldorf School) a week from now ... which will be a HUGE change (plus it will involve us getting her out of the house two hours earlier than has been the case thus far, which is going to further fuck with my sleep patterns!).

All this plus the Religion, Politics, & Job issue happening ... woohoo ... wish I was drinking!

- Brendan
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