BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I'll show you mine ...

Well, since everybody is posting their matches today from, I figured I'd go take that again (my scores keep changing ... probably because the "weighting" questions at the end largely depend on the mood I'm in!).

Here's how I came out today:

70% - Harry Browne - Libertarian Party
66% - Howard Phillips - Constitution Party
58% - John Hagelin - Natural Law Party
57% - Pat Buchanan - Reform Party
51% - George W. Bush - Republican Party
46% - Al Gore - Democratic Party
17% - Ralph Nader - Green Party

Of course, as regular readers of this space know, I'm a big supporter of The Libertarian Party and have been pushing Harry Browne and his agenda pretty hard. In fact, tonight I'm off for the Libertarian Party of Chicago election night bash.

Oddly enough, however, I did not end up voting for Harry Browne ... borrowing a concept from the Naderites, my Brother and I did a "vote swap" ... he (who lives in Gore-infested Kennedy Country) would cast "my" vote for Browne while I, residing in the great and-still-undecided State of Illinois would cast "his" vote for George W. Bush. Pretty nifty trick if you can trust the other fellow to follow through!

I'm so glad to get this election out of the way ... nobody has yet to be able to explain to me how Al Gore is standing for election to the Presidency (after having been a key part of the cabal that has so degraded that office) instead of standing trial for his assorted TREASONOUS actions ... but in the words of Johnny Carson: "It takes all types to fill the freeway!"

- BT

The Libertarian Party of Chicago
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