BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh yeah ... poems ...

There might be some poems showing up here soonish. Of course, I've suggested that before and the poems have not appeared. I have yet to type up the last half of October, all of November, and December. The good news is that I'm only one poem shy of the 200-poem target I set for myself earlier this year when I "went back to" writing regularly.

As I've noted, the problem here (as it is with so damn many of my efforts) is one of TIME ... it takes me 10-15 minutes per poem to decipher my obscure scrawlings in the little 2.75x4.25" notebooks in which I've been composing of late, plus an additional 5-10 minutes or so each to whupp them into web-usable formats ... so (taking an average) for every 3 poems you see posted here, there's been an hour of "clerical" effort expended. So, for me to promise to have the 9 remaining poems from October up here means that I've managed to schedule 3 hours of time to dedicate to it ... and I'm only sleeping 4 hours a night as it is.

Anyway, I'm relatively pleased to have made my target. I realize that the poems are a bit emotionally monochromatic, but I've only been able to write from the place of the hurt, the fear, the hatred, and the horror for a very long time. Everything else seems totally phony ... any other standpoint seems false, a capitulation to external demands. So, those few (if any) who click through to read them get to watch me bleed. Hell, my poetry should be a regular rubberneckers' paradise!

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