BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Ack ...

Well, the year's not even a day old and it's already a pisser ... I have to go over to my Mom's place so she'll feel safe firing one of her long-time assistants. She has 24/7 help there and my Mom is awfully over-bearing with them ... my Mom was a terror when she was a P.R. executive and has mellowed a bit, but not substantially ... she still lacks the ability to balance her minor scheduling inconveniences with major life issues with her "help". The current one has been with her for 2-3 years and is pregnant and has been calling in unavailable more than my Mom likes, so she gets fired.

I wish my Mom would consider an assisted-living situation ... we'd researched a few for her about 8 years ago, but she insists on staying in her own place. Of course this means bleeding her now-fixed (well, dwindling given the stock market of late) resources to pay three salaries. If she got into an assisted-living sitution she could at least get rid of her over-night gal, who she complains does nothing but sleep (what does she expect her to do, sit up and play solitaire waiting for the possibility of my Mom waking up and needing to go to the bathroom?)! The place we'd recommended to her has 24-hour help available which can be "hired" in 15-minute segments. This would really be ideal for my Mom, since she resents her "help" being on the clock but not doing anything!

Anyway, this is probably going to be real tearful and ugly and conflicty. Not exactly what I wanted to have on my schedule tonight, especially considering I have a whole book to get through tonight for class tomorrow! Bleh.

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