BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well ...

The best laid plans of mice and men and all that shit ...

I'm almost finished filling up my current poetry notebook and have yet to transcribe a single one. This is NOT good. Maybe ... maybe ... maybe ... blah, blah, blah ...

The "maybe" of the maybees above is that after tomorrow my schedule changes somewhat. Tomorrow is our "final Final", but it happening at mid-term. As of tomorrow I guess we're done learning new stuff in the program, and the rest of the time (2.5 weeks) is taken up by working on our Case Studies (which is a BEAR this term) and developing our Presentations. I'm still not clued into what the Presentation entails, but I'm assuming it's doing a walk-through on the Case Study showing all the various bits and pieces and explaining the code. After last term's disaster, I'm not looking forward to this Case Study ... in fact, I'm sort of dreading the next two weeks.

However, it is conceivable that I might find more "hour here, hour there" time to type up some poems. I know you're just ACHING for more stuff. PLUS ... there has been a substantial change in tone with the new year ... not that I've shifted emotional zones, but I've been working to "connect with" other "sources" for my writing. For a long, long time I've only been able to write "from my heart", which is a pummelled wasteland of broken dreams and cruelly bleeding hopes ... this new source is perhaps "less authentic" but much more interesting.

Anyway ... gotta get back to studying ... we had a review session for the Exam today, which involved going over a sample test ... as my instuctor noted, this is SUPPOSED to build our self-confidence for the test, but instead left the three of us HORRIFIED at the prospect of tomorrow's test! I'm hoping that when the prof puts together the actual exam tonight that he skews it towards stuff that we actually covered rather than stuff that we might have caught somewhere in the supplementary reading ... I mean, it's bad enough that we've gone through FOUR books in the span of only 10 class sessions (yeah, with Xmas and New Years sprinkled in there too) but it would be nice if we could recognize SOME of the stuff on the test!

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